Chronic Care ManagementChronic Care Management Creates New Monthly Revenue Opportunities

Reconnect4Health’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) platform allows your organization to take advantage of the new CPT code 99490, generating a brand new revenue stream.

CCM from Reconnect4Health

  • Increase Revenue
  • Meets CMS requirements including timer and comprehensive care plan.
  • Fast Implementation for Immediate ROI

Plug-In CCM System Yields Fast ROI

We offer a low-effort approach to implementing our CCM system within your organization. Our trained team will manage all of the background information, create the customized solution you require and train all necessary staff within 30-45 days of signing your contract. This simple and efficient implementation period takes the pressure off of you and allows your organization to start generating a return within a single quarter.

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CCM Trained Professionals for Better Outcomes

The staff at Reconnect4Health are registered nurses with years of experience in caring for individuals with two or more chronic conditions.

Reconnect4Health’s Chronic Care Management offering has a unique advantage in the industry. Not only do we have the tools your organization needs to enjoy the benefits of the new health care code, we train those on the other end of each phone call to understand outcomes and how to work with your patients to get the most out of their care. Our nursing staff develops clinical workflows for patient contacts, asking them about their habits, their medication and reviewing their progress.

At our core, we are nurses first. Our goal is to ensure patients receive the proactive care they deserve and that clinics, hospitals and other organizations have the capability to provide this care.