ROI Models

Our ROI Models are based on cost avoidance strategies and provider practice revenue generation.

Our ROI modeling process includes metrics in three key areas: Finance, Quality and Experience. Numerous studies have shown that by simply monitoring patients for the first 90 days after their discharge can reduce readmission rates by as much as 76%. Reducing unnecessary hospital admissions is better for patients and health systems.


Finance Metrics

Cost Avoidance

We understand that ROI will be different for each of our customers. We have extensive experience in customizing and designing ROI models for cost avoidance in the following areas:

  • Hospital readmission reduction
  • Less than 30 day hospital readmissions
  • Emergency department usage reduction
  • Health care cost reduction
  • Decrease number of in-home skilled nursing visits


Provider Practice Revenue Generation

We have extensive knowledge of the requirements needed to bill CMS’s RPM CPT codes. The reimbursement rates listed below are national average. To find out more about the requirements for billing in your state, contact us.

CPT 99453
Reimbursement of $21 for device setup and patient education on the use of devices. This CPT code is a one-time charge.

CPT 99454
Reimbursement of $69 for providing a patient with RPM devices and transmitting data for a 30-day period. This CPT code can be billed once every month.

CPT 99457
Reimbursement of $54 for remote monitoring of patient data in 20-minute increments. This CPT code can be once every month.

CPT 99458
Reimbursement of $42 for each additional 20 minutes of monitoring on top of the first 20 minutes (99457).



  • Improved patient engagement
  • Improved hemoglobin A1C
  • Improved blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improved management of heart failure symptoms
  • Improved medication adherence
  • Improved management of COPD
  • Increased quality scores



  • Improved patient experience scores