Remote MonitoringThe Reconnect4Health Difference in REMOTE PATIENT MONITORING

The rapidly changing healthcare needs are requiring new and different ways of providing care. Pressure on healthcare organizations to decrease readmissions, lower healthcare costs, and provide quality outcomes has created a paradigm shift in what, when, where, and how they provide care.

As pioneers in remote patient monitoring program development and implementation, we have long believed that RPM services are an essential part of healthcare. Whether you need help developing and implementing a remote monitoring service or if you want a turn-key solution for remote monitoring, our team of experts will help you design a solution that meets your financial and patient care goals.


Our Approach

Leveraging our years of experience, we work with our clients to customize a remote monitoring program that will:

  • Reduce hospital readmissions
  • Reduce ED usage
  • Reduce health care costs
  • Help patients adhere to their care plans with greater success
  • Improve patient clinical outcomes
  • Improve patient engagement
  • Create additional revenue sources with new CPT codes for reimbursement
  • Result in a positive ROI


We have extensive experience in developing therapeutic nurse/patient relationships, using teach-back techniques and motivational interviewing. Our registered nurses use our unique SEE-FEEL-CHANGE methodology to aid the patient in making a correlation between what they did and did not do yesterday and how they feel today. This results in long-term behavior change. And that is what it is all about.

Our RNs monitor patient data Monday through Friday. Patients who have alerts outside set parameters receive a call from an RN who:

  • Validates the data
  • Conducts a nursing assessment
  • Provides targeted patient education
  • If the RN determines the patient may need a medical intervention, the RN escalates the validated actionable data to the patient’s medical provider.


The combination of our responsive healthcare staff and remote patient monitoring expertise helps to maximize the effectiveness of your program and realize the greatest return on investment. Patient success is achieved when patients can recognize early signs of disease exacerbation and respond independently to allow them to continue to age in place.


Remote Monitoring from Reconnect4Health

  • Reduce readmissions by at least 76% (See page 25 of this case study)
  • Rapid implementation for immediate cost savings
  • Rapid implementation for immediate CMS’ CPT Code reimbursement
  • Caring and professional staff for better outcomes
  • No additional FTEs needed
  • Your staff will continue to practice at the top of their license

Reconnect4Health Patients Benefit from Remote Monitoring