Licensing Provides Your Business Custom Tools

Controlling your costs and maximizing the utility of your staff are essential to driving more dollars to your bottom line. Reconnect4Health is the only organization that offers a secure, HIPAA compliant platform for Remote Monitoring, Chronic Care Management and Video Visits. This easy-to-use HIPAA compliant platform gives your organization the tools it needs to improve profitability and reduce costs. We have created scalable licensing services for any one or all of our three products.

In addition to providing your organization with the tools for success, we also provide the support and training necessary to maximize the advantages of our suite of products. We provide complete implementation support with all of our products so that staff are able to utilize the functionality of all our technology.

Licensing Support Services

  • Phone and WebEx Technical Support
  • Hosting, Storage & Backups
  • Data Security
  • Regular Software Updates

Licensing Clinical Services

  • Conceptual Model
  • Clinical Workflow
  • Management and ROI
  • Customized Platform

Scalable Licensing Packages

Every organization is different and requires different structures and packages. We can scale your licensing agreement to match your needs and make costs not just manageable, but affordable. Regardless of whether it’s a 500 bed hospital or a five-physician practice, we have the licensing solution for an affordable way to maximize profits and drive down operating costs.